What is The Creative Badass Society and Who’s It For ?


Introduction : Who or What is The Creative Badass Society ?

Good morning, afternoon or evening. What ever part of the world you are at, I welcome you to The Creative Badass Society. Who or What is this Creative Badass Society ?

Well, let me first introduce myself.

Eh Hem ….

LOL , my name is Elizabeth Forero – Schoonmaker – I AM AN ARTIST ! I say this , no no, I scream this PROUDLY. I am a 37 year old Work At Home Mommi of 4, Proud Wife, I wear many hats.

I think I was born an Entreprenuer, I like to call myself an Artista-Prenuer.

My journey in the Art World began at the age of 3. I guess you can say I was born with a paintbrush in my hand. Dabbling and doodling with anything that had color in it and anywhere I could add my strokes of imagination, is where I went.

I think I can relate to all artists of the world. We all LIVE and Breathe our ART! My journey was always filled with plenty of inspiration deriving from just about everything that surrounded my world. Being an only child, pen and paper where my sister, my brother, my best friend.

I think us Artists are misunderstood beings. We see and feel everything on a whole other level. It’s our gift and our curse all in one. You see as a child I went to a Catholic School and as much as I loved the school, I felt misplaced. I felt like I didn’t belong. Felt unpretty, shy, I just didn’t feel that anyone got me.

My shyness was of detrament to me because I simply got picked on by the ” Popular ” Girls, so my only comfort was the world I created around me. To tell you the truth, those things didn’t scar me as an adult. I don’t hold any grudges , we were children back then, what the hell did we know.

High School was a bit better, I mean as we grow we come into who we are. I was just happy to be in all my Art Classes, had a handful of good friends and stayed to myself. Truth : House Parties didn’t interest me, smoking or doing other things didn’t either. I guess you can say I was a loner. I was ok with that !

And then came college, that is where I discovered my GIFT. I drowned myself in Art History classes, every painting course I could get into. Workshops, Projects , everything that Inspired and jump started my Creative Flow. Art and Graphic Design are my First Love!

That’s why I am blessed to have been a Strong Girl. I’m not going to tell you that my feelings were not deeply hurt but I also knew that my life was going in a far deeper direction. I had books filled with future ideas, businesses, ventures, adventures that I knew one day I was going to make happen. This is where I am at now. I am here with the World at my Fingertips and So Excited To Be on My New Artist Journey with you all.

Because this is for you my fellow creative comrades.

The Creative Badass Society is FOR YOU!

I have embarked on my own personal journey in the last 5 months. I am a member of the Empower Network. I believe all of which that I know has now come full circle and NOW I have the tools, the knowledge to CREATE this Badass Society for all of US Artists.

I am on a Mission to Help Turn Your Passions, Your Dreams, Your Gifts / Talents into GOLD. I am going to be featuring ARTIST’s from all over the world on this very BLOG and remove that God Awful ” Starving Artist ” Label that we have been given. LOL !

This is to our SUCCESS and And Allowing Your Dreams To Take Flight !

Spread Your Wings and FLY !


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